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Canola Fields Bring Hope To Biofuels in the East



Canola Fields Bring Hope To Biofuels In The East

By Dominic Brown / Meteorologist

POSTED: 7:14 pm EDT May 16, 2011

JONES COUNTY -- The possibilities for a biofuel industry in the East are starting to look a little brighter.

A canola field near Pollocksville is growing in hopes of building an alternative source of fuel in our area.

We often here of canola as in the oil that many of us buy and use to prepare food. However, the canola test plots that have been growing off of Hwy. 17 in Jones County were planted to see if canola could in fact grow in Eastern North Carolina. And from the looks of it, it can.

Farmers, in partnership with the Military Growth Task Force, are growing the canola to bring biofuel technology to our area as an alternative source of fuel for diesel engines and as an added source of income for local farmers.

"From a farmer's perspective, if we could have somewhere to sell the crop for us to grow, the more options we have, the better. So that's a positive for the farmers in Eastern North Carolina," said Jacob Morgan, Jones County Agriculture Extension Agent.

The test plot growing off of Hwy. 17 could yield between 25 and 30 bushels of canola per acre once harvested.

Farmers hope to harvest the canola in Jones County by the first week in June.